Winter Break- What to Do?

February 14, 2017
• by
Dominique Dankwa

The first week of winter break is always strange—I’m usually still running on a school schedule and I often wake up thinking I have class when I really don’t. But once I get over that initial confusion, winter break is all fun and games.

This break, I visited a lot of family, who hadn’t really gotten time to see me during fall semester. It was really fun to reconnect with them and even marvel at the growth of my little cousins.

I also visited a lot of my friends that I hadn’t seen. Most of them went to college in California, but our schedules never really aligned. It was good to see everyone and talk about our futures and how school was going.

The most fun thing I did during the break was golfing. I played golf pretty much every day of high school, but courses aren’t really in the direct vicinity of USC, so it’s tough to get out and play a full round. But I was able to play a couple rounds with some friends at home and had a great time.