November 02, 2017
• by
Arianna Bisio

Almost four years ago, I chose to embark on a four-year journey that has since changed my
life unimaginably. When I first heard about WBB, I was intrigued yet a bit hesitant about the
idea of constantly moving around and studying in different countries. I had lived in Italy my
whole life, with a one-year parenthesis in the US, but Hong Kong felt way outside of my
comfort zone. However, the curiosity grew on me day after day, and I made it my goal to get
into the program.
Once I received my acceptance, there was no doubt in my mind. Not only did WBB have the appeal of a new, ambitious project, which I would get to be a part of, but it was also extremely selective, which made me proud and reluctant to throw away the opportunity. While other universities offered international programs, none was like WBB. I already knew that I wanted my career to take me around the world, and felt that this would be the perfect launch pad. I would get to live and study in places I had never thought I would end up, which would allow me to explore and choose a career path with greater awareness and
wider perspectives.
I obviously had some concerns, like switching universities every year, not getting along with my classmates, or missing home. However, as the pros outweighed the cons, I enrolled. Today, I can proudly write on my resume that I have studied in not one, but three of the world’s best universities. My classmates/roommates/travel buddies are my best friends, and I have so many homes that I never have to feel homesick. So go WBB, and Fight On!