Why Marketing?

Marketing is all about disruption, developing new spaces in industries with innovative products, services, and messaging. The most talked about companies today are companies that have changed their industries drastically, with no chance for consumers to return to the way things were before. Marketing plays a vital role with disruptive companies, as marketing is the process of planning, conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services. The essence of marketing is connecting the customer and the company by understanding the customer experience and utilizing data metrics to manage it.


One of the most exciting divisions to be a part of in a business organization is marketing. Marketing is at the forefront of technology, utilizing big data and deep insights to create purposeful positioning to form a total experience for the customer, and managing a business organization for growth. Marketing permeates business organizations, and customer-centric organizations have CEOs with passion for the customer. It is most important for organizations to keep the customer at the forefront, as then the company can develop the best products to suit their customer’s needs.


In this digital age, in a time of ever-evolving technology, marketers need to be thinking about how new technologies can drive their business forward by connecting them to the widest range of customers. Data insights are used to better understand consumer buying behavior, but data doesn’t always tell the whole purchasing story. Marketers are reliant on both new data insights and traditional consumer behavior techniques to determine the correct path for their businesses to take.


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October 05, 2018
• by
Jackie MacDonald