When I Received my USC Acceptance Letter...

April 04, 2016
• by
Dominique Dankwa
I cried. But let's back up a bit so that I can tell you the whole story. If you've been following me for a while, you know that USC has always been my dream school. On the day that I got my letter, I had classes at high school, and golf practice after school. The day was pretty average at best. I did my homework, went to practice, played a decent round of golf, then got home. I then did more homework, until my parents told me that I had mail from USC. I opened the packet, and "Welcome to the Trojan Family" was staring me right in the eyes. I immediately started screaming, ran around my house, started jumping up and down and doing all kinds of excited things because I had just realized one of my greatest dreams. After jumping for like 30 minutes, the realization that I would be coming to SC in the fall finally hit me and I broke down and cried. Everything was worth it. All of the hard work, extracurriculars, parental sacrifices--everything--was worth opening up the mail and knowing that I'd be at a university that wanted me as much as I wanted them. So congratulations to those of you who, like me, experienced a multitude of emotions and could not control your excitement. USC chose you, and I hope that you choose USC in the fall. The best is yet to come. Fight on, Dom