WBB Represents at the Marshall International Case Competition!

April 16, 2018
• by
Kim Berg

On January 20th, twenty teams competed in the Marshall Case Challenger, a competition to determine who will represent the University of Southern California in the Marshall International Case Competition. Four of these teams had WBB students on them, and the rest of the teams were mostly upperclassmen students. The teams were required to present recommendations to target emerging JCPenney markets while maintaining their core customer base. WBB students stole two of four spots in finals, and my team, the WBBallers, won the entire competition as freshmen! This was an incredible opportunity to present to the premier faculty of Marshall and get honest feedback on our presentation skills and format.


Kim Berg WBB Case Competition Ankit Shah, Sarah Shaw, Gabe Adamson, and myself represented Marshall School of Business in the Marshall International Case Competition in February. We trained for weeks, casing 30 hours a week with the Marshall Case Team to prepare for the competition. During the competition, we got to miss school, stay at the Radisson, and hang out with teams from all across the world! There were 19 other teams comprised of juniors and seniors from Hong Kong, Spain, Thailand, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. We were presented a 24 hour case to analyze. This case was different than most, because rather than being a company case, it was asking for analysis about an entire industry. We had to provide recommendations about how the mall management industry could remain relevant in a landscape favoring omnichannel and online approaches. The case competitions brought us incredibly close as not only a team, but friends. Having this opportunity as a freshmen taught me more than any marketing or economics class ever could. We were dealing with real problems like real consultants. Although our team did not make it to finals, we learned an incredible amount through mentors, faculty, other teams, and each other. But thanks to the Trojan Family, we won the social media challenge by a landslide!

Kim Berg WBB Case Competition