WBB in first year!

November 15, 2017
• by
Trishank Hansrajani

WBB, World Bachelors In Business! When I first heard about this program, it felt like this is all I wanted for my college experience, something unique, something different than what most people do and most importantly travel the world and at the same time acquire business knowledge from all over the world.

What is World Bachelors in Business?

WBB usc marshall

An overview of the program- https://www.marshall.usc.edu/programs/undergraduate-programs/world-bachelor-business




Starting my freshmen year as a WBB at University of Southern California was daunting but I feel it has been a great start to the program, meeting the very talented members of my cohort. It has been an amazing journey of 4 months of getting to know each one of them along with making new friends and at the same time managing academics. Everyday is a new adventure where in one goes to class, tries to get ahead with academics and be a social being, all at the same time.

As a WBB student, as everyday goes by, it is difficult to believe that soon my freshman year will end which will mean I do not know whether I will ever be coming back to USC or no and most importantly whether I will ever be able to meet my friends who stay back at USC. Even though it is tough, and I feel sad but  I am also excited for the new path ahead of me in HongKong and I feel I am ready to explore the world while I complete my bachelors degree and grow my network.

P.S- As a WBB, one has limited time at USC, so one should make the most out of it to explore the city and at the same time be involved in various club organizations.