WBB Cohort 2021 and 2022 Meet Already!

April 13, 2018
• by
Kim Berg

March and April were busy months for the WBB family! I personally had the opportunity to host eight WBB students and meet another 12 at the Explore USC programs. We visited the helipad due to tradition (sorry DPS), hiked the Hollywood sign, and even played intense games of Quiplash with other students in the 2021 cohort. The best part of meeting Melina, Elektra, Yakira, Daniel, Sophia, Katie, and more was seeing their excitement about the program. When I was at Explore USC, I still couldn’t believe I had been admitted into my dream program, about to embark on an undergraduate journey that’s so special people don’t even get it when you try to explain it. Watching the 2022 students get so close in only two days made me so happy and excited. They don’t even know what’s in store… :)

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