Top 3 Campus Eats

March 30, 2016
• by
Sarah Wu
As a self-appointed foodie, I'm going to go out on a limb and list three places that are on campus or NEAR campus. Although the selection on campus is not bad (TCC contains a plethora of choices, ranging from Lemonade to Panda Express to California Pizza Kitchen), these are some of the essential places next to campus you should definitely try.
  1. California Gogi Grill: The best bang for your buck. $8 for a stacked bowl, which is enough for at least two meals, and not to mention delicious. It's not the most authentic Korean food you'll find, especially considering we live next to Koreatown, but if you're looking for food places right next to campus, I would definitely recommend.
  2. Chano's: For all of your late night cravings, good luck finding Chano's on the map. (Hint: it was recently renamed.) Since it's right across the street from Gateway and CVS, it's pretty popular with students if you get the munchies. Deliciously greasy Mexican food? Yes please. Nacho-fries-Al-pastor
  3. Hashtag Tea & Coffee: If you're a boba lover like me (and have standards for your drink), this is the best place for a chill study session and good bubble tea. While a large cup can get somewhat pricey ($4.50 for a regular tea with boba), it's still a good caffeine fix, and the ambience is perfect for getting work done. It's a bit farther from campus, but here's a secret hack: take a campus cruiser or USC uber (free after 6PM) here so you don't have to walk the extra mile.rewts-interior.0.0