Plans for Next Semester!

December 11, 2017
• by
Natalia Hayakawa

This semester absolutely flew by! I can’t believe it is finally the last week of classes and winter break is right around the corner. With that being said, I have been brainstorming my goals and plans for the upcoming Spring semester. As a double major in Psychology and Business Administration, my course load has mainly focused on psychology courses this semester. Next semester, my schedule is more business-focused, and I am taking macroeconomics, marketing, and accounting courses. With a sad goodbye to football season, I hope to spend my weekends exploring Los Angeles next Spring. My freshman bucket list is still pretty full, and I am planning to knock a few items off such as hiking to the Hollywood sign, catching LA sunsets at the beach, and pedal boating at Echo Park Lake. In regards to my extracurricular activities, I ran for the position of Director of Finance for the USC Helenes, and next semester will be my first time serving on the Helenes Executive-Board. Although it is a large time commitment, I am thrilled to be more involved in this wonderful organization. My biggest goal next semester is to get involved with a psychology research lab. This winter break, I plan to look more in depth into the psychology department and find a couple of research labs that spark my interests. Each semester in college feels like a new school year to me and the possibilities of involvement and learning are endless. Therefore, I am very eager and excited to meet new people, take different classes, and overall grateful to be spending another semester here at USC.