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Navigating Marshall Student Organizations

September 10, 2021
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Christina Chan
Joining Marshall Student Orgs: Helpful Tips from Start to Finish

The summer before freshman year, I remember I was on engageSC and USC Marshall’s website scrolling through all the campus organizations and Marshall Recognized Student Organizations (MRSOs), trying to pick out the ones that interested me the most. There were a lot. From consulting, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, real estate, to volunteering, there is an organization for everything you can think of. The biggest question I had in my mind was how do I choose which organization to join when there are so many I am interested in? It was not an easy decision to make.

The Prep

I created a spreadsheet to list all the organizations I would potentially apply to, (around 15) and noted their name, meeting times, information session date, and application deadline. One thing I immediately noticed was conflicting meeting times. For many organizations, their meeting times are around the same day and time, so take note of that because if accepted, organizations expect you to be able to attend their meetings.


Involvement Fair and Information Sessions

While mine was online due to COVID, involvement fairs are typically held during the first or second week of school, where you can visit all the different booths of organizations and get a general idea of what they are about. Besides the involvement fair, organizations also usually hold information sessions. It is a great time for you to ask questions, get to know more about the organization, the people in it, and see if it would be a good fit for you. Through this experience, I was able to have great conversations with the people in the organizations and get a better sense of which ones I still saw myself in. That's how I decided which ones to apply to.


Application and Interview

The application and interview process is in depth and will take a lot of time and effort, especially with Fall classes just starting. I did spend countless hours crafting and perfecting my written responses and resume for my application knowing how selective the process is. While I didn’t get into some of the organizations I applied to my first semester, I did reapply to many, my second semester. Reapplying to organizations is very common and heavily encouraged if you are still interested in joining. After attending a few Marshall resume and interview workshops, I performed a lot better the second time around.

Personal Organization Experiences

Besides being a Marshall Student Ambassador (MSA), I am also part of other student orgs: Marshall Business Network and RISE Consulting, both of which I joined during the second semester of my freshman year. Marshall Business Network was not only a great place for me to meet like-minded individuals but I also had the opportunity to meet great Marshall alumni from different fields of business. Through panels, I was able to learn about what it’s like working in finance, entertainment, marketing, and entrepreneurship. During event socials, I was able to bond with fellow members and get to know them better. At RISE Consulting, I had the excellent opportunity to work with fellow business analysts to deliver recommendations on expanding a tech start-up’s user base and revenue. In this semester-long project, I practiced my analytical and communication skills (which I learned in BUAD 280 and BUAD 307) while forming closer relationships with a few members of the organization.


At Marshall, there is a place for everyone. Join the organizations, and you’ll no doubt learn so many new things and meet truly amazing people!

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