My Summer ‘17

November 01, 2017
• by
Naira Sarkian

After multiple all-nighters and too many cups of coffee, summer 2017 seemed long overdue.
This was going to be the first summer I had no summer school, no job, and no responsibilities,
but as you’ll realize, summer of your junior is one of the most crucial for gaining experience and
preparing for life after college. So, after spending the first week doing absolutely nothing I
decided I had to make the most out of my last summer as student. The next couple weeks were
spent relaxing and having fun; I got to go to Hawaii with my family then road tripped to Las
Vegas and the Grand Canyon with my friends from High School. Once I returned, it was time to
get to down to business. I was lucky enough to have gotten a 10-week internship with Target. It
was based on a rotational program so I got to spend 10 weeks learning all aspects of the retail
business. Not only had I never worked in retail before, but this was my first full time job. It’s
crazy how much you can learn from trying something new, not only about the industry and the
field, but about yourself as a person. As my internship came to an end it, I anticipate graduating
and starting my career. But for now, I’m focused on making the most out of my senior year and
finishing up stronger than ever!