My Spring Break in China

April 07, 2018
• by
Faye Witherall

After a week of too many dumplings and too little sleep, I landed at Los Angeles International Airport with 100 now close friends following an eye-opening trip to China. Spring break in Shanghai and Beijing is the highlight of the Global Leadership Program, a course offered to the top 15% of Marshall's freshmen.

The program is designed to provide insight on international business in the world’s most populous country. Friday seminars leading up to the trip featured influential business speakers and a wide range of leadership activities.

In China, we toured Hyundai, Hippo Animation, the Mercedes-Benz Arena, and Walmart as we learned about the opportunities and challenges that China offers. We learned the stories of entrepreneurs, tracked the supply chain, and analyzed the Chinese market. 

But the trip wasn’t strictly business. We battled Professor Voigt in a snowball fight at the Great Wall of China where we carved ‘USC’ into the white powder. We watched the Shanghai skyline twinkle as we walked along the Bund at night. In Beijing, we ate Peking Duck. A few more adventurous souls dined on scorpions and insects.

My first trip to Asia was magical. I’m glad I made it with 100 Trojans.

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