My Favorite Marshall Program

January 26, 2017
• by
Mariel Salem
While I am only a sophomore and I am sure that I will have many more memorable experiences during my time at USC Marshall, for the time being there is one program in particular offered by this incredible university that clearly stands out as being my favorite. It was the trip of a lifetime: my LINC Trip to Santiago, Chile. LINC or Learning About International Commerce is a short program offered during the second semester of Marshall students’ freshman year that offers the amazing chance of studying global business, marketing, and international economies. Students, upon filling out an application, are assigned to a particular country which they will not only focus on during their semester in the classroom, but will also have the opportunity to visit during a week-long trip. During this experience, either in March or May, students are able to network and meet the companies studied throughout the course while also exploring the culture of the country they have chosen. For me this experience was truly memorable, not only because the program was so eye-opening and gave me such insight into how business affairs are conducted in foreign countries but also because my family is based in Argentina. In fact, my mother immigrated to the U.S. from Buenos Aires when she was younger than me, so being able to visit Santiago, Chile – a place so close to where she grew up – really touched my heart as I felt more connected to my roots. All in all, it was a memorable experience for all of those involved because it gave us a new perspective of not only business, but the world outside the US that many undergraduate students are not given while residing in their respective universities. This is one of the many reason I know USC is so special – it gives and encourages students to go out and explore the world outside of campus, for in order to be truly successful in this life, one must really get to know the world at large. IMG_0116  IMG_1775