My Ernst & Young Experience

April 22, 2019
• by
Naomi Toux-Kidane

As my college career comes to an end, I cannot say how grateful I am to be graduating with a signed job offer with Ernst and Young. I will be starting on September 6th working as a consultant in LA. This is possible due to the networking opportunities provided by Marshall and the internships I had with EY. One of the aspects of Marshall that I admire most is its dedication to making us well-rounded students. Yes, tangible skills are invaluable; however, Marshall also recognizes intangible skills such as adaptability, critical thinking, networking and leadership. All of these can be translated into tangible skills when utilized appropriately and applied to a task. My advice to incoming students (and current students) would be to leverage your relationships with professor and peers. We have an incredible wealth of knowledge here at USC and it is shocking how far one person's network can extend. 


 I encourage everyone to go to their professor's office hours and get to know them, send thank you emails, and try to keep in touch because you never know how a relationship could benefit you in the future. Thank you Marshall for positioning me so well for the next chapter of my life. I am incredibly grateful for these wonderful four years, fight on!