My Endless Academic Choices!

September 25, 2019
• by
Annalise Donoghue

One great aspect of USC is the flexibility that you have academically to double major. I started at USC as just a Business Administration major. During my freshman year, I was taking accounting classes that were required through Marshall, and started to become interested in Accounting as well. At this point, I was a freshman and I still had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of a career after college. I always thought that I would maybe go into a finance role because that was what I had heard the most about from family members and friends. However, I started to question whether I should go into public accounting. I knew that if I wanted to go into Finance, I should major in Business Administration and concentrate in Finance through my upper division classes. On the other hand, I knew that if I went into public accounting I needed to major in Accounting so that I could graduate with enough credits to sit for the CPA. I didn’t know if I wanted to pursue a career in Finance or Accounting, so I started to think about double majoring, and I was happy to find out that it was possible.


Double majoring allowed me to explore both career paths before making a decision. After my sophomore year summer, I interned in Corporate Banking. I had a great experience, but I decided that I wanted to explore public accounting. After my junior year, I interned in Audit, and I ended up signing full-time to start next Fall. Completing the double major allowed me to learn more about the two careers and have direct experience in both through internships.


I am very happy that I was able to double major without having to give up any part of my undergraduate experience. When I was first looking into double majoring, I wanted to make sure that I could complete both degrees within my four years. Additionally, I knew that I wanted to study abroad. I had always looked forward to studying abroad and I didn’t want to give that up. Due to the flexibility at USC, I was still able to study abroad for a semester in Copenhagen, which was an absolutely amazing experience and definitely a highlight of my college experience. Overall, I think that the flexibility to complete multiple areas of study at USC is a major strength of the school and it definitely helped me for the future.