Jump at the Top of Lop Buri Mountain

The MOST Underrated Study Abroad Experience

I will try my best to convince you all that studying abroad in Thailand should be a top-tier choice, and not an overlooked destination.  

June 27, 2020
• by
Jeremiah Teems-Robinson
Entered through the Peacock Temple and ended up on the top of Lop Buri Mountain.

My name is Jeremiah, and this semester I am participating in the Marshall International Exchange Program at Thammasat University. This blog post serves to give a sense of excitement for those  who are interested in studying abroad in Thailand, and conclude my blog series.

My experience with the international exchange program to Thailand was phenomenal. Although this blog post will not do it justice, I will try my best to convince you all that studying abroad in Thailand should be a top-tier choice, and not an overlooked destination.



 While in Thailand, I was able to travel to 10 different provinces, the first being Bangkok, then on to Phuket, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Nakhom Pathom, Pattaya, Lop Buri, Koh Samet, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai. The most I paid to travel anywhere in Thailand (which includes tour guides, boat rides, ferries, buses, planes, and the grab app) was 6,000 THB, which is less than 200 USD; not to mention, if you travel with friends you can split the costs.

 PRO-TIP: It is always cheaper to book a ferry, bus, or any mode of transportation in person rather than booking online because you can negotiate prices with the locals. Negotiating is at the center of most transactions in Thailand, because the economy is dominated by physical currency as opposed to credit/debit cards.

Look to the photo galleries posted at the end of this blog to see a glimpse of  the endless opportunities of fun in Thailand.


All in all, the only thing that I was not able to do while studying abroad, was visit other countries. On my to-do list, I planned to venture to Cambodia,Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan. The only reason why this did not happen was because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and my trip being cut short. Despite this, studying abroad in Thailand was an unforgettable and rewarding experience. What is so great about Thailand, is that there is sooooooo much to see and do that you might not even have time to leave the country. 

As an American first-generation college student,  noone in my family has ever left the country so being abroad was truly a blessing, and a very informative experience for all of us. My first choice was Hong Kong University when I applied, and I got into the program, but then all of those programs got cancelled late into the IEP process because of the violent political unrest in the city at the time. When this happened I was very disappointed, but in retrospect that sudden cancellation worked highly in my favor. I would 100% do it over again, and I am 100% planning to go back in the near future to cross the places I had left to see off my list. Thailand is full of wonderful things to experience, inviting and genuine Thai people, and inexpensive delicious food.