More than Just Trojan Spirit

November 08, 2017
• by
Mariel Salem

“Wake up it’s Gameday!” There is no feeling quite like that of waking up, wherever you are on campus, on the day of home football game. It is indescribable and an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you live in a freshman dorm or an apartment building or perhaps the USC Village, there is something magical in the air on that special day. For on that day, you become more than just a student, you become your hand holding up a “Fight On!” Victory Sign, chanting in the student section, surrounded by thousands of your Trojan brothers and sisters all hoping for the same thing: A Trojan Victory.

Although we have a superb track record in athletics, especially after bringing home a Rose Bowl win last year, it is not victory that defines us as Trojans, but rather our sense of community and family. It is for this reason that I chose to come to USC more than any other school and that I am thankful every day for making that decision. The moment you open your acceptance package to USC, it does not say “Congratulations,” but instead “Welcome to the Trojan Family” in golden letters.  After three years, I can promise you that it is more than a phrase, but is truly a way of life – the spirit we thrive on each and every moment we are on campus. I have never felt so supported by an entire community than on campus at USC, both professionally and personally. As cliché as it may sound, USC is my home, and the Trojan family is my family. And if ever you doubt your place in this family, you need only look to the LA Memorial Coliseum on a gameday and see the fervent spirit in the student section, for then you will immediately understand that it is our passionate soul that brings this community together and makes us one. Fight On Forever!