Marshall Study Abroad

February 25, 2019
• by
Natalia Hayakawa

I never seriously considered studying abroad before coming to college. It was only upon coming to USC and seeing the various international experiences offered that I started to explore the possibility of incorporating a study abroad experience into my four years. With the help of my advisors, I was able to make it happen. The next step for me was deciding which program to apply to. Being a double-major in Dornsife and Marshall, I had the opportunity to choose which program I wanted to go through. Ultimately, I decided to go through Marshall’s International Exchange Program and am currently studying in Madrid.

Unlike other schools at USC, Marshall provides its student with a unique opportunity to make the study abroad experience completely their own. From finding my own housing to applying for a student visa, I learned to take responsibility and matters into my own hands. My first day of classes at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) felt like freshman year all over again. Although the campus looked completely different, the structures and class sizes at UC3M are pretty similar to those of Marshall.

In addition to studying, I have also been continuously learning about Spanish culture. My biggest shock was the typical time for dinner begins around 9-10pm! And it’s also not strange to be out and about as late as 3-4am. One thing that took me awhile to get accustomed to is having a 1-hour commute to get to my campus. However, the public transportation here is easily navigable and affordable.

Although I’ve been here for a little under a month, my time here has been everything that I wanted and more. I am looking forward to my next 4 months and can’t wait for what’s to come!

I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity and even more happy that I made the right decision to study through Marshall’s program!