Marshall Student Organization

April 18, 2018
• by
Amanda Douglas

Perhaps one of the most important parts of being a Marshall student is your extracurricular involvements. In my personal experience, almost all of my professional career opportunities have resulted from my student organization involvements. At Marshall, there is practically a student organization for every niche interest, and also there’s an element of collaboration and mentorship fostered through your extracurricular involvements.

Coming into USC as a freshman, I was intent on pursuing a career in the business side of fashion. I heard of the Fashion Industry Association (FIA), an entirely student-run organization that hosts an annual Fall Recruiter Reception for students interested in the fashion industry and also an annual Spring Fashion Show that exposes students to event planning, model management, styling, and other real-world experiences. For me, joining FIA required little contemplation. Through my involvement in FIA, I learned about the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund, and was selected as the first freshman to receive the award. Receiving this scholarship yielded me a plethora of opportunities, including my internship with UBM Fashion Group, later, my internship with Henri Bendel, and the opportunity to network with a wide range of fashion business executives throughout my summer in New York City.  

Stepping into my sophomore year, I served as one of four founding members of the USC Chapter of Smart Woman Securities (SWS), a national organization dedicated to teaching women fundamental finance and investing principles through an education curriculum taught by professionals and hands-on stock pitches. SWS promotes financial literacy for women, and also provides a communal learning environment for undergraduate women as they pursue careers in a male-dominated industry. Through one of the workshops that SWS hosted, I learned about the career of equity research for the first time. More importantly, I found equity research to be a career path that allowed me dive into companies and understanding at the core what is driving their business, and also continue to speak with business executives surrounding the current disruptions in the retail industry and how this would impact share prices. After learning more about the career and speaking with current professionals at various firms, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to intern with J.P. Morgan’s equity research team this summer. Ultimately, I know that my student organization involvement and leadership helped guide me to my internship, and I could not be more excited to see where it takes me!