Marshall Interdisciplinary Opportunities

March 01, 2021
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Charlene Huang
32 Free Electives?

Before exploring the hundreds of on-campus extracurricular activities and sitting down for coffee chats with recruiters, our first priorities as students are our classes.  Marshall students need to complete a minimum of 128 units  before we can graduate, which can include AP or IB credits. It comes as no surprise that class selection is taken very seriously each semester. Luckily for us, one of the finest points of Marshall comes in the form of the scheduling flexibility it offers  students and its emphasis on interdisciplinary education.

           The best example of this is the general education requirements that we have to complete on top of our upper-division Marshall core coursework. Divided into categories, all students need to select courses from each category to complete before graduation. However, as long as two of the core literacy requirements fall under classes offered at the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, students have the freedom to choose their general education requirements from a multitude of other USC departments. This past semester, for instance, I took LAW 200: Law and Society from the Gould School of Law, to satisfy my Category G: Citizenship in a Diverse World requirement. This class ended up as not only one of the most interesting and engaging courses I have had but gave me a chance to revisit some of the Mock Trial experiences I had in high school. Along the same lines, I will be taking BISC 115: The Biology of Food from the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences this semester to satisfy my Category D: Life Sciences requirement, another class outside my major which I am equally excited to be attending.

           Marshall’s flexibility in scheduling doesn’t just end at the semester-by-semester class selection. With students having the option to take up to 18 units without paying for additional units, this leaves many 2- or 3-unit spaces throughout their academic journeys at USC – the perfect opportunity to take additional electives, classes you have a particular interest in, or work toward a minor or a double major. Some of the most popular minors for business administration majors include subjects such as international relations and economics, but with over 150 minors offered at USC, students can choose and gain substantial expertise in areas which resonate the most with their professional or personal interests.

           For those interested in seeing more of the world around them before they finish their undergraduate education, study abroad programs are also a viable option for all students. For Marshall students, these international exchange programs allow us to complete some of our business concentration requirements at another top business school in another part of the world such as Europe, Southeast Asia, South  America, and Australia. Marshall also offers exclusive global business experiences, such as  The Global Leadership Program (GLP) and Learning About International Commerce (LiNC) options, for first-year students to various global internship programs. 

For those who arrive at USC, the only "challenge" is  selecting classes from USC’s incredible and expansive choices. Given so many different options offered across so many interdisciplinary fields and locations, Marshall  truly offers itself as one of the best places to experience  your four years of college.

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