Keep Your Eyes Open: Opportunities Are Everywhere!

November 07, 2018
• by
Anushka Srivastava

I still remember clearly, it was a Thursday night. A few of us were just hanging out in my floormates’ room just trying to learn more about each other. This was during the second week of school when everyone puts in a conscious effort to make friends. We were just admiring a friend’s volleyball championship ring when the conversation somehow led to what I was like in high school and the activities that I was involved in. As always, my bubbly personality came out as I shared my experiences at high school and briefly mentioned the Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition that I had organized along with all the challenges I faced while balancing that with academics. I mentioned a few other initiatives that I led before coming to USC and how I was keen on applying what I had learned in the past to starting something in the future. Little did I know that future meant four days.

Fast forward to today - I get an email from Campus Activities saying that my application for a new student organization has been approved and that IncubateUSC has officially been recognized by USC.

The night I was in my floormates’ room was when my friend introduced me to Blackstone Launchpad at USC and all the other resources that Trojans have to bring their ideas to life. My friend and I set up a meeting for the following Monday to discuss a potential idea with the program director. What started as a friend’s idea of organizing an annual hackathon for USC has now turned into the birth of an organization that is going to be the definitive portal to the USC entrepreneurial ecosystem. Whether it is hosting weekly HackNights, providing startup legal assistance or online learning courses, IncubateUSC is an all-access pass to invaluable resources and real-world connections to develop the startup ecosystem and strengthen our community.

I always had an entrepreneurial streak running in me, but I never knew that I would dive in so early at college. As a student in the World Bachelor in Business Program, I only have a year at USC Marshall before I study in Hong Kong and Italy, so that motivated me to get involved as soon as possible. Why wait when you can do something now? After coming to USC, I have realized that opportunities exist everywhere, you just need to keep your eyes open. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend, grab some snacks and bring your idea to life too!