Internship Opportunities During a Pandemic? Yes!

January 25, 2021
• by
Timothy Lau
Marshall Career Services: Your Future Career Starts Here

Searching for jobs and internships can be overwhelming. You may wonder, how and where do I start? Fortunately, the Marshall Career Services Office is here to support you. Whether you’re looking for your first internship or getting ready to graduate and enter the working world, Marshall has many resources available to guide you throughout the recruiting process.

In my first semester at USC, I needed to create a resume to apply for internships. I started by attending a Marshall Career Services Foundational Workshop on writing a resume and cover letter. These workshops are currently offered online, and I highly recommend them to help you apply for internships and jobs. While working on my resume, I used VMock, an online resource for Marshall students which provides instant feedback for resumes and uses technological resources  to offer recommendations for editing. After creating my resume, I had additional questions, so I scheduled an appointment with a Career Services Advisor, and she gave me pointers on how to enhance my resume and tailor it to what I was applying for. After our appointment, my Advisor graciously took the time to send me feedback to help me polish  my resume until it was ready to submit for internships.

My advice is to use Handshake, a website open to Marshall students where you can search for internships and jobs and receive personalized recommendations for positions you might be interested in. When you find a position you like, there will be straightforward instructions on how to apply and upload a resume and additional documents like a cover letter.

Handshake is also where you can find online recruiting events hosted by Marshall Career Services. I had the opportunity to attend the online Marshall Recruiter Reception this past fall. There were informational sessions throughout the evening and virtual booths for students to connect with representatives from companies in a variety of industries. I also attended an online Industry Insights panel, which gives students a chance to hear from business executives and learn more about career paths in real estate, technology, and other areas of business.

Looking back, it was a daunting task when I started the search for internships and job opportunities. I’m thankful for all the professional development support available for Marshall students. The Advisors and Staff at the Marshall Career Services Office are truly dedicated to assisting students in forging their future career paths.

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