International Students

October 30, 2017
• by
Javier Magana

When I arrived to Los Angeles, I first went to a community College and later I transfer to USC. It was hard in both colleges as I didn’t know anyone and I was in a new culture. I decided to join clubs that I felt were along my preferences. That is how I meet the group of people I got close to. The people here made me feel that Los Angeles is my home. I can’t stress enough how important was for me to get involved in clubs or activities around campus. Two clubs I joined were Soccer Club and ISLA (International students of Latin America). In the Soccer Club I meet a lot of international students, we connected easily as soccer was a passion that most of us share. After the first few soccer games we played, most of us started hanging out a lot outside the club and became a really good friends. In ISLA I got to meet people with different backgrounds that came to the meetings to discuss problems that are happening around the world. It was interesting to hear the rational we all have behind our decisions. At every meeting I attended I discovered something new I didn’t know about. For example, in one of the meetings we started talking about the power the President of the U.S. has over the world, most members of the club had different opinions other than what I used to hear in my country. It was an eye opening moment for me. Thanks to all of them I have been able to adopt to a new culture and a new city.