International Student Experiences

Did you know 57% of students in our program are from outside the United States? USC Marshall has extensive support networks in place to make sure international students feel at home during their time studying here.

December 03, 2018
• by
Ross Henderson

USC’s Office of International Services (OIS) organizes campus-wide support programs for all international students at USC. In addition to helping with all visa-related inquiries, OIS also brings international students together, hosting events like Coffee Hours, American Football 101, and hikes in Griffith Park. Their office also coordinates English Language Programs and a series of seminars to help students in their search for employment upon completion of their degree. Many of our students have engaged in social events organized by OIS, most recently the Halloween Movie Night, complete with American candy!


USC Marshall hosts a series of mixers for graduate students with a different theme each month. In October, the theme was international cuisine, and students from around the globe hosted tables to share food and drink from their country. Overall, more than twenty countries were represented, and there was even food from several regions of large countries like India and China available for students to sample. The event is Marshall’s most popular mixer of the semester as students enjoy connecting with their classmates and sampling food and drink from around the world.


Within the MS Marketing Program at USC, our own student-elected Advisory Council runs an International Student Buddy Program. This program pairs international students with domestic mentors. Once the pairs spend some time getting to know each other, the domestic students help the international students with English language skills, resumes, interview practice, and whatever else students need help with. In its inaugural year, the program has been a huge success, with nearly 90% of international students taking part!


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