Impactful Professor

November 09, 2017
• by
Michael Chang

One of my favorite things about USC is how impactful teachers can be. With such a low student to teacher ratio, I am able to connect with my professors and learn not only course material, but to spark interest in what I am learning. My microeconomics professor, Seda Durguner, made learning such a wonderful experience. I had these preconceptions about how boring microeconomics could be, but after taking her class, I realized the potential of what a good foundation in microeconomics offers. Her class was one of the most organized and structured class I had taken, and she thoroughly explained concepts so that everyone understood it. She was more than willing to have students talk to her about things they didn't understand or expand upon what we were learning in more depth for those that were interested. 

This level of interaction between Seda and her students is what I loved most about Marshall. Through her dedication to us as students, I was able to appreciate microeconomics. Although economics is not a career path I see for myself, Seda showed me how much potential understanding economics gives you. Other schools do not have the same level of support and dedication from their faculty, and Seda is an exemplar that fits that description.