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I Love LA!

March 30, 2021
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Angel Duan
Exploring Los Angeles


 As I’m writing this post, I tried fitting different words into the acronym “LA” like "Love Angeles" and countless other cheesy combinations in an attempt to encapsulate how great Los Angeles is through a play on words. But other than the fact that it sounds a bit funny, I realized that it’s so difficult to pair Los Angeles to just two words. Going to USC provides the invaluable opportunity to be in one of the greatest cities in the world!  It is still possible to explore Los Angeles safely and prepare plans to take full advantage of the city. I'll introduce you to how I think you can explore LA.

If you can come to Los Angeles this spring, then the possibilities to explore LA safely are pretty endless. From countless hikes to supporting local restaurants and getting delicious take-out, Los Angeles is a bustling city that’s a melting pot of different cultures – that part has never changed. What I found to be most enjoyable is spending time outdoors. The perfect location that Los Angeles is in gives you the beach to your left and multiple National Parks to your right, including  nearby Joshua Tree (that seems to be a checklist destination to most USC students). With COVID-19, it is important to be safe and Los Angeles’ perfect spring (and winter) weather allows us to enjoy social distancing outdoors – especially if you’re moving from a colder climate. All that our 65-75 degrees weather requires is for you to don a few layers, and you’re good to go.

For those that are unable to be physically in LA, the world (or the internet in this case) is your oyster. There are some great blogs and websites that list LA’s most popular destinations or the coolest hidden gems of this city. From secret comedy shows that are held in the back rooms of barbershops to endless delicious restaurants, you can  create your perfect Los Angeles bucket list. I made one before my freshman year at USC and have only grown it by 3x after realizing how vast this city is. It’s also great to have a list before you set foot in Los Angeles, as it will only motivate you to really take advantage and explore LA so that by the time you graduate from USC, you can truly count yourself as an Angeleno.

 Sometimes when the norm is to approach life with a constant “go-go-go” attitude, you tend to forget the city you are in. I would make plans to travel out of LA, leverage opportunities USC has to go abroad, but at the same time, completely overlook the great place that I am presently in. But with travel limited, there is no better time than now to focus our efforts to learn more about Los Angeles. USC’s location is extraordinary, and as I progress through my undergraduate career, I’m excited to keep checking things off my LA list and furthering my love for this city. It’s got to count for something that I tried placing the words “Los Angeles” to “Love Angeles” right?

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