Giving Back With MSA

February 04, 2019
• by
Josh Mora

As an incoming freshman at USC, I was shocked at the number of clubs that USC offers as a whole. I knew that once I stepped on campus, I wanted to get as involved as possible with clubs and extracurricular and I knew that I wanted to be involved with Marshall as much as possible. In finding the Marshall Student Ambassadors through the involvement fair, I have been able to already give back to prospective students in similar ways that helped me in choosing USC when I was a senior in high school and learn so many things in the process.

In listening to the students of MSA who spoke at Discover USC and the events I attended when I was a senior in high school, I was able to get a quick glimpse of how being a USC Marshall student is. The MSA students I talked to always seemed to be open to sharing about their stories and they always answered my questions as best as they could. It was obvious that the student was genuinely interested in helping the prospective students and talking to the students in MSA was a big part in my choosing of USC.

Once I chose to come to USC, I knew that MSA was a club that I wanted to try to get into immediately. I saw MSA as an opportunity to give back and share my story with other prospective students and families and hopefully get them to choose USC. Once I interviewed and got in, I noticed that MSA was exactly what I expected. In talking to the many students of MSA, in our early get-togethers and especially at the MSA bonfire at the beginning of the year, I have been able to meet so many different students with so many diverse backgrounds. Everyone in MSA is such a kind and open person. I have never felt out of place with anyone because everyone in the association is open to listening to my story and trying to get to know me.

Although I have only been in MSA for a semester and a couple of weeks, I have already been given many opportunities to help students in their decision to choose USC and Marshall. I have been able to answer questions at this year’s Discover USC. I have also been recorded in a Day In The Life video, helped with the admissions social media platform, and I also have gone and had lunch with a prospective student and his family.

Even though it does not have to be MSA specifically, I would highly recommend getting as involved as possible with any clubs or organizations as you can immediately when you get into campus. It is through MSA and many other clubs that I am in, that I have been able to meet so many awesome people that I can’t wait to share these next four years with.