Get Connected: Marshall Student Organizations!

November 07, 2017
• by
Mckenzie Taylor

Are you looking for a way to apply the skills you’ve learned while staying on campus? The Marshall School of Business has a variety of organizations that help students develop professionally among their peers, while also catering to some of their specific career interests. Marshall students are able to get involved with various organizations and causes including community outreach, diversity and affinity organizations, career clubs, and social and athletic groups.

So where do you start looking for clubs that are just right for you? The first stop in your search for Marshall student orgs is the USC Involvement Fair hosted each semester on Trousdale Parkway. At my first USC Involvement Fair, I remember feeling a sense of freedom to explore. As a freshman, I was still trying to decide what aspect of business I wanted to pursue, and the Marshall organizations provided a way to explore these options within a supportive setting. I was interested in the Trojan Marketing Group, USC's first full-service, digital marketing and advertising agency on campus. It was exciting to know that I would be able to surround myself with like-minded, talented peers who are working with actual business clients and tackling real cases each semester. It was also refreshing to see the various organizations that celebrated diversity, including the Asian American Business Association, SpectrumSC, Marshall’s premier LGBTQ+ business focused organization, and the Black Business Student Association.

At the start of the semester there are also recruiting and info sessions for business fraternities like Delta Sigma Pi, an inclusive organization by and for business students, Marshall Business Student Government, and clubs for specific interests including USC Sports Business Association, and the Trojan Consulting Group.

The main takeaway is to get connected! There is definitely a Marshall organization that is just right for you. Check your emails for the latest club events promoted through the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office. Stop by the office and see how you can get “plugged in.” Even after the Involvement Fair, go to events that sound interesting to you, and speak to the current members to hear their experience within the organization. Marshall student orgs are a great way to integrate into the Trojan Family, and truly find your niche academically, socially, and within your career interests.