Flexibility of Marshall Schedule

April 10, 2021
• by
Matt Topalian
My Marshall Schedule

One of my favorite things about USC and Marshall’s course load system is how easy it is to fit a schedule to your needs. Every semester, I have been able to choose from a wide variety of courses in USC’s Web Registration system and pick and choose what times work best for me considering my other involvements.

When I first encountered Web Registration at freshman orientation, I was incredibly panicked and unsure that I would get my perfect schedule. After meeting with my Academic Advisor, and listening to her recommendations, I had the freedom of picking my own courses. I was determined to have a perfectly spread schedule, with the same classes every day starting and ending around the same time. Hearing about my friends from back home struggling to get anything when they first added classes, I was beyond surprised. At Marshall, I found that making a schedule that fit my needs was easier than expected. Not every class I wanted was open, but I still made a schedule that worked with my daily routines of waking up early, working out in the afternoons, and attending my various Marshall student organization meetings at night. 

            The Web Registration system is incredibly easy to navigate. With this system, your course load is like a puzzle with more than one right piece, where many different sections of classes can be fit and rearranged to your liking. For example, I focus best in the mornings, so I planned my course load last year to reflect my daily schedule. I normally plan my classes in a row in the mornings so I can end before 2:00 PM, that way I have time to attend club meetings at night, rest, workout in the afternoons, and get all my studying done.

 USC’s registration system has been incredibly frictionless for me in my time here and has eliminated the perceived stress of scheduling. You even get a digital calendar so you can have a visual of your classes. This helps me to stay organized and focused. 

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