Finding My Place as a Marshall Freshman

November 12, 2018
• by
Hunter Morris

I have a unique freshman experience.  My name is Hunter Morris and I am a freshman in the World Bachelor in Business program.  Through this program, I will only spend my first year at USC before traveling to Hong Kong and Milan for my sophomore and junior years.  Knowing that I would be leaving USC at the end of this year, I wanted to make the most of my time here, especially through Marshall. My program has an emphasis on business, so I knew that I wanted to become involved with some kind of professional organization that Marshall had to offer.  

One thing I did not expect coming into USC was the process for entering clubs.  There are hundreds of clubs for students to participate in, but many of them have extensive application processes. It can seem like a tedious process, but I realize now that the clubs want to be filled with students who are truly passionate about the club and will work their hardest for the other members and themselves.

A club I am passionate about and am very involved in is the AIM Consulting Club.  The purpose of AIM is to teach USC students, you don’t have to be a business major, about consulting while giving them real-world experience through taking on a client.  The client I am working for this semester is an immersive content (virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.) company in Venice Beach. We got to go down to Venice Beach and meet with the team so that we could define the scope of our project and introduce ourselves.  It has been great working with the client so directly, whose company will ultimately be affected by the decisions we make. My AIM team and I meet once a week in addition to the full club meetings on Wednesday night. It has been a lot of work to put together presentations with our findings and suggestions, but I thrive in an element where I can balance my extracurricular with school work.  As a freshman, it has been an amazing experience to get a taste for what consulting is like.

Besides being a great professional experience, some of the people I have met through AIM have been close friends of mine since I joined the club.  I highly recommend getting involved in some kind of organization/club soon after arriving at USC; it is a fantastic way to meet other students, and especially upperclassmen who are always willing to help you. Finding your place in the Marshall community seems daunting at first, but clubs will help define the kind of student you're going to be.