Finding Internships

February 16, 2017
• by
Anav Sharma
One of the biggest benefits to going to school at USC, and specifically Marshall, is access to the professional opportunities available through the Trojan network. Ever since freshman year, I have had no trouble finding internships or meaningful work in the industry I'd like to have a career in. For example, me and several of my peers my freshman year were able to intern abroad in places such as Shanghai and Hong Kong at well-established firms through programs like the Winslow Maxwell Internship Program and the Global Leadership Program which are offered to underclassmen. It was an incredibly enriching experience to complete meaningful work in an entirely different country while learning about a new culture, making extensive professional connections as well as bolstering my business acumen in the process. Specifically, I had the privilege of working at research/advisory firm Frontier Strategy Group's Singapore offices as an analyst, writing several reports on Indonesia's regulatory environment and challenges associated with establishing distribution channels there. I can say confidently that despite the fact Singapore was an amazing place to live, being able to see my research published and utilized by huge multinational corporations was the most satisfying part of my experience over the past summer. Those who are not interested in working internationally are also well suited for finding internships at USC. The University hosts several networking sessions where students can access recruiters representing Big 4 Accounting firms, Big 3 Consulting Firms, premier investment banks, and other companies ranging from Facebook to Boeing. In the case of firms that do not directly recruit with us, it is very easy to find a USC alumnus that works in the general industry you are interested in that would be willing to help guide you to achieve your professional aspirations. In short, Marshall has a wide array of resources to ensure its students can achieve their career goals. Utilize even a minimal amount of them and you will be well positioned for the future.