Exploring Los Angeles

February 14, 2017
• by
Dominique Dankwa

Exploring LA is one of the central parts of any USC student’s experience.

One of the best parts of LA is that it provides scenic views almost anywhere in the city. A good example of this is Griffith Park/Hollywood Hills. If you go on the hike to the hollywood sign, you get a panoramic view of the entire city, and some pretty amazing pictures to go with it. The beaches around LA are beautiful and always a great place to go when you’ve got free time. My favorite beaches are Santa Monica and Venice. Santa Monica is pretty laid back, but has some really cool attractions on the pier that kind of resemble a carnival. Venice is a great representation of LA. Anywhere you walk, there are entrepreneurs, street performers, skateboarders and many more people that add life to LA.

There are many more adventures that you will be able to go on as a USC student—one of the major reasons that students love this place!