November 28, 2018
• by
Amelia Katz

Coming from a small town in New York, I had no idea what to expect in the gigantic city of Los Angeles. When I say small, I mean that we have no sidewalks and the student population alone at the University of Southern California is more than 50 times that of my local high school. So, needless to say when traveling across the country to join the World Bachelor’s in Business program at USC I had absolutely no idea what kind of world I was entering.

However, I’ve always loved exploring the unknown. Even little experiences like walking into a new small bookstore and roaming the aisles for whatever catches my eye brings me joy because it’s like discovering a new world with every step. Finding hidden nooks and crannies and all they have to offer make me feel at home and a part of a new and wonderful ecosystem.

Walking onto the USC campus created the same experience as walking into a new world for me. The amount of people bustling around and laughing and smiling made me feel instantly at home—essentially welcomed to and connected with this new community which differs so much from my home.

This is what attracted me to USC and the World Bachelor’s in Business program overall. In my time at USC, I’ve met so many amazing and incredible individuals that I am proud to call friends. The people that the university brings together for each new class inspire and innovate together all while building the famous Trojan Family and Trojan spirit. Furthermore, the experience of meeting such diverse and unique students at a point where we all join to learn is one unlike any other. I’ve had the opportunity to build new ideas and ways of thinking while journeying in this new world more than I ever could back home: from creating inventions with friends to exploring the city during the day and heading to concerts or other new experiences at night. This leap across the country and eventually to other continents is one that I will always cherish.

So, if you’re reading these blogs and wondering if USC, especially Marshall, is the right fit for you, take this away from this blog: joining the community at USC has been one of the most influential and inspirational decisions you can make, and if you have the same desire to explore and create, then USC is the perfect fit for you. Get ready to begin your own journey.