Comedy Performance Minor

April 24, 2018
• by
Hatim Eldawi

I am currently a junior at USC Marshall, majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Comedy Performance with the School of Dramatic Arts. I had a super fun semester this year because I took this theatre class called THTR-473: Sketch Comedy in Performance, which is commonly known as USC Comedy Live Show. This particular class requires students to audition in order to be casted as an actor. USC Comedy Live puts on three sketch shows a semester, which is just like SNL! All shows are live and televised through Trojan Vision TV. Every show has a special guest host that is a distinguished actor. In the past we have invited Sean Gunn (From Guardians of the Galaxy, Gilmore Gilmore girls), Sarah Gilman (Last Man Standing and also USC Alumnus) and John Balma (Greys Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Parks and Recreation).  The class is unique in the sense that it unites undergraduate and master students from Cinematic Arts School to serve as writers and directors. On the other hand, generally the actors come from a variety of major background such as Pre-Med, Viterbi and Marshall.

I had such amazing time acting in these sketch shows. It really taught me a lot about how to own my performance and learn how to exaggerate myself. One of the most challenging things about the class was how to work with the camera. A lot of times I would not “cheat” myself towards the camera so on TV you could only see the back of my head. What was crazy was that all three of our shows were sold out! There were people standing in the back just to watch. This class is great for anyone who loves SNL and enjoys performing sketch comedy. I highly recommend this class to everyone!

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