Choosing the Right College

February 14, 2017
• by
Andy Gabler
As I refined my college search, I found that the most helpful thing to do was to create a mental list of the most important things I was looking for. Obviously, there are a plethora of potential factors that could be present in such a list; for me, some of the most important included affordability, a business school, vibrant social life, and big sports programs. Creating a personalized list like this will help you realize which schools are actually the best fit for you and which ones provide the most well-rounded experience. During the application process, I found that a lot of kids failed to consider all the different things they were looking for, focusing only on one specific detail or on what their family/friends want. Both of these mistakes can be avoided by taking time to list out all the things you want from your potential college; you will probably find that that one specific factor is not all that is important, or that your wishes are actually very different from those of your family and friends. Of course, one factor that is extraordinarily important but is often not given much consideration by students is affordability. This is one area where I would strongly recommend listening to one's parents. I came to realize that it was not worth going to a lot of schools that I was considering applying to because of the cost. Overall, creating a list of attributes that you desire in your future school and incorporating affordability into this list, if you hadn't already, will ensure that you make a good college decision. Choosing to go to USC is the best decision I have ever made, but I may not be here had I not followed this process.