Career Opportunities at Marshall

November 03, 2017
• by
Veronica Hartling

Being a student in the Marshall School of Business, I have been exposed to many networking and internship opportunities. This summer, I had an amazing internship at a music management company. My job was a business management intern and in this role I was able to do many diverse tasks and assist using the skills I have learned in Marshall. I also was exposed to the business and creative elements of the music industry. All of this made the work exciting and energizing.  My aspirations are to be a lawyer in the entertainment industry. Marshall is an incredible program to prepare me for this, and my minor classes, in the Thornton School of
music have greatly complimented this as well.
This summer, I had ability to work closely with the artists and see their impressive talent and help identify viable business plans for the company. This experience solidified my interest in business management and law in the music industry.  I firmly believe that my experience in Marshall has helped me to achieve this, and pushed me to pursue more opportunities in an ever-changing and competitive industry.