On-Campus Housing

November 08, 2017
• by
Trishank Hansrajani

There are many aspects one considers when applying to and joining a particular university, and housing is definitely one of the most important factors to be taken into consideration after academic rankings. At USC, dorms are typically special and reserved for freshmen. Each dorm has a distinct vibe based on its set-up and the students tend to put in a lot of time while deciding which one they want to select. Here's the lowdown on some of USC's most popular residential colleges:

Bk usc    1. Birnkrant is known for its tight-knit community and is located in the middle  of               campus providing easy access to all classrooms.


New North usc

2. New-North is widely regarded as the most social (the party dorm) residential college at USC, New-North is a popular choice with students who are looking to go Greek.       


parkside   3. Parkside Arts & Humanities/International Residential College    are suite-style dorms which are fresh and air-conditioned. They            feature the best dining hall on campus, but are isolated from any           other freshman housing.




4. Pardee and Fluor are similar kinds to Birnkrant pardee&fluorand feature almost similar amenities.





 ​​Honors Hall 5. Lastly, The USC village featuring the scholars building, this is           the McCarthy Honors Residential Building & a few other loft         style apartments in USC Village Building 6&8, which were               recently  constructed with the most modern and attractive                   technologies.





Being a freshman, it was a very important decision for me to choose the perfect housing, as it is a place where I would be spending most of my time and a place which would be perfect for my personal growth. After a lot of thinking, I decided to choose the The USC Village as my home for my freshman year and I applied for housing in the Cale&Irani Residential College.

Irani Residential USC

The main reason for choosing ‘The USC Village’ as my housing option was because of the amenities provided at these newly constructed housing building at the Village. From the very start, I wanted to live in an apartment style housing featuring a kitchen and personal bathroom space in each house. And to my luck, The Village was providing these options to me.  Not only the amenities in the buildings attracted me, but also the close proximity to Trader Joes, Target, The FedEx and tons of other retail shops and restaurants were the main reason behind my attraction.

It was said, that it is difficult to be placed in the Village as a freshman but all those theories were proved wrong when I was placed in the Village housing as a freshman.

Being a freshman, it was very important for me to mix with the culture, and when I arrived on campus for the first time ever, with all my bags, I was overwhelmed with the welcome I was given. I was provided with support and help every minute during the day of move-in and it was an amazing feeling as it was a smooth transaction moving away from home and settling down in a new place. As day went by, I got to know the staff, the resident assistant on my floor, and most importantly my neighbors living around me.

It has been 4 months now, since I arrived on campus and everyday for me has been an amazing learning experience as I get to know new people and about their cultures, making me ready for the global future.