Benefits of being located in L.A.

October 23, 2019
• by
Jaya Hinton

Los Angeles is undeniably the city where dreams come true. Whether you’re looking to have your name added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame or to be the next Derek Shepherd, L.A. (and USC) has all the resources and connections you need to get there and all the yummy food you need to keep you motivated. Here are my favorite parts about living in L.A.:




  1. The Food

L.A. is one of America’s greatest cultural hubs. We have people from all over the world and every culture imaginable right in our little bubble. Coming from a diverse city myself, having exposure to a variety of cultures (and their food) was a must for me. I wanted to be just close enough to a big city that I could easily access everything—food, entertainment, internships, and more—and L.A. doesn’t disappoint. Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, and all of the world’s little microcosms are within 20 minutes of each other. My friends and I spend a ton of time ubering around L.A.  looking for new dessert spots (goth ice cream, anyone?), late night greasy goodness, and whatever else we stumble upon wandering down Melrose. My recommendation: follow the food pages on Instagram and go to as many of them as possible—they’re on there for a reason.


  1. The Opportunities

USC is known for its network. The Trojan Family is supposed to be there for you through thick and thin, a group of alumni you can call on no matter what you need. The Trojan Family is in abundance in L.A., and they’re more than happy to help you out. I’ve picked up many fabulous mentors who want nothing more than to see you succeed and will contribute their own time and resources to make sure you do. I am from D.C., and we have a pretty cool downtown filled with the history and culture of America. But nothing can really compare to walking through the backlots of Paramount’s studios or having your more cinematically inclined friends invite you to be an extra on their set. When the fun settles and the set tours are done however, you can just as easily find a mentor to help you tour the downtown offices of Goldman Sachs or KPMG. The Trojan Family wants to see you succeed. And with all the resources of a major city like L.A. at your disposal, how could you not?


  1. The Weather

I had to save the best for last. Palm trees, picturesque mountains, sandy beaches, and 80-degree weather year-round? You literally can’t go wrong. But the weather isn’t just conducive to fun. I find myself spending more time outside in general. Whether I’m studying, lounging, or watching Netflix, I try to spend at least an hour a day soaking up some vitamin D. I’ve found that it’s made me happier and more at peace too.