BCA Program

November 07, 2017
• by
Sarah Goldman

When I found out that I was selected to be a part of the Business of Cinematic Arts program, I was in Paris for a Spring Admit orientation. I had gone into the day excited to meet other spring admits and see what classes I would be taking in my upcoming semester at USC. But coming into orientation, I had no idea that I was a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Cinematic Arts. Let me explain: When I applied to the BCA program, I had just graduated high school. I was excited to be admitted to USC and the Marshall School of Business for the spring of my freshman year. At this point, almost everyone at my high school knew what they were doing after graduating high school whether it be attending school fresh off the bat, taking a gap year, or following a different, non-academic path. The frequent and looming questions about what we wanted to do with our upcoming year were dying down. But even though I knew what school I would be attending and what general major I would be studying, I hadn’t identified what sector of business I wanted to focus on. Fortunately, around this time, I received an email about USC’s Business of Cinematic Arts program and was immediately intrigued. If I was selected, the program would allow me to complete coursework in both the Marshall School of Business and the School of Cinematic Arts. Seeing as though I had spent a lot of my childhood and adolescence in studio art classes, this was right up my alley and incorporating some form of a creative medium into my major was imperative. Not to mention that taking classes in both USC’s world-renowned film and business school would be pretty cool. So I applied. And was not selected or so I thought.

After graduation, my high school deactivated my email account that was linked to the school. I thought I had taken the actions necessary to have my mail forwarded to my personal account. But I hadn’t. Because of this, I never received my acceptance to the BCA program. So you can imagine my surprise when I walked into class registration during my orientation and my course plan included classes in the School of Cinematic Arts. So from this day forward, I have been a BCA student, forging my way through business and cinema classes, getting incredible mentorship opportunities through the Marshall Entertainment Association club, and watching the newest and best content recommended to me from other BCA students, instructors, and professionals in the entertainment industry. And what better place to do so than Los Angeles and USC.

Since my freshman orientation, I have continued to be impressed by and excited about BCA. All classes I have taken through the School of Cinematic Arts have been taught by industry professionals who have diverse and essential ideas to contribute to our course. Additionally, my Marshall classes have given me hands on experience dealing with real-life business scenarios in the ELC (Experiential Learning Center) and experience working in large and small group settings. As I enter my second semester of my sophomore year of college, I will be accepting an internship in the entertainment industry required and accredited by the BCA program. I am confident that through my course work and real-life experience in the field, I will graduate qualified and adept.