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Core classes provide a critical background in diverse business disciplines.


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Elective offerings allow students to pursue their interests.


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USC Marshall faculty come from a wide array of business backgrounds and disciplines.


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Core Curriculum

The first 12 months of the program are comprised of core classes that provide students with a solid foundation in all of the major business disciplines through careful sequencing of courses from each functional area. The first year of core courses make up 30 units of the MBA.PM program’s 63 units. Following the core experience, all MBA.PM students take the GSBA-582, PM GLOBE class, a semester-long macroeconomics course enhanced by a 10-day international trip.

All students are required to attend a mandatory prep session, which kicks off the start of your experience as an MBA.PM student. Date/time for the incoming Class of 2026 will be announced later this year.

Your first course, GSBA-525, Introduction to Management and Strategy (aka "Pre-Fall"), is completed over two intensive weekends. Students should expect to be available during pre-fall weekends from approximately 8:30am-6pm. Dates/times for the incoming Class of 2026 will be announced later this year. 

Schedule Overview

There may be modifications to the courses and schedule.

Total Units: 63
Core = 30 units
Elective = 30 units
Globe = 1.5 units
Macro = 1.5 units

YEAR 1 (Core Year)

Fall Semester

Pre-fall (1 unit)
Intro to Mgmt and Strategy

Fall Term (7.5 units)
Acct. Concepts & Financial Reporting (510)
Economics (Micro) (511)
Analysis of Unstructured Problems (527)
Com. for Mgmt (523)

Winter Term
Part A (3.5 units)

Managerial Perspectives (522A)
Applied Managerial Statistics (506A)
ENTR (550A)

Spring Semester

Winter Term
Part B (4.5 units)

Managerial Perspectives (522B)
Applied Managerial (506B)
ENTR (550B)

Spring Term (7.5 units)
Foundations of Prof. Value (541)
Marketing Mgmt. (528)
Corp Finance (548)

Summer Semester

Summer Term (6 units)
Info. Mgmt. & Analytics (581)
Operations Mgmt (534)
Strategic Formulation for Competitive Advantage (519B)


YEAR 2 (Elective Year)

Fall Semester

7.5 units
Elective 1
Elective 2
The Firm in the National Economy (Macro) (544)

Spring Semester

7.5 units
Elective 3
Elective 4
Globe (582)

Summer Semester

6 units
Elective 5
Elective 6


YEAR 3 (Elective Year)

Fall Semester

6 units
Elective 7
Elective 8

Spring Semester

6 units
Elective 9
Elective 10



Elective Classes

Students complete their MBA degree by enrolling in elective courses that allow them to meet their unique goals and career objectives.  Students enroll in elective courses during the second and third year and also complete PM GLOBE during the second year. The entire MBA.PM program is completed in approximately 33 months. The remaining required units can be earned by:

  • Taking elective coursework - Marshall offers close to 100 elective courses for MBA students in any given year;
  • Designing an individualized program of study that cuts across several functional areas*;
  • Completing an independent study project*; and/or
  • Selecting courses from other graduate schools within the university*- students may take up to nine elective units at another USC graduate school

* Available to students who have completed all core curriculum and are in good standing (minimum 3.0 GPA)

Students are eligible to select from a wide range of graduate elective courses offered by the USC Marshall Academic Units which include:

View the University Catalogue for an overview of courses. The Marshall Graduate Elective Course Guide is a tool students can use to determine which electives align with their career path. Please note course offerings are not guaranteed and students should consult the Schedule of Classes for courses offered during any given term.


“My favorite class so far has been Corporate Finance. Professor Plotts is absolutely brilliant and she is one of those people who have an innate ability to take you to the next level.”

Michael Pinta
Class of 2016

Featured Courses

Negotiation and Deal Making


The purpose of this course is to understand the theory and processes of negotiation as it is practiced in a variety of settings. The course is designed to be relevant to the broad spectrum of negotiation problems that managers face. Considerable emphasis is placed on simulations, role-playing and cases.

Cases in New Venture Management


This course provides students with insight into the issues, challenges and opportunities involved in the creation and management of a new venture over its full life cycle. Students will have an opportunity to learn from and engage with proven entrepreneurs who have started businesses and who have faced the many issues, challenges and opportunities that come up in early to mid stage ventures.