International Business Consulting Projects

As the oldest MBA program (now in its fourth decade) with a specific global business education focus, the IBEAR MBA Program has long incorporated global business consulting projects as a key part of the Global MBA learning experience.

With hundreds of projects successfully completed in all parts of the world, the program has deep experience and a wide network of contacts in most countries, to help deliver outstanding results for both participants and sponsoring companies.

The IBEAR MBA IBCP team does a project for Warner Brothers


The IBEAR MBA International Business Consulting Projects Program has a dual objective:

  • To provide an outstanding foundation in the theory and practice of management consulting for our participants.

  • To assist companies in finding strong and cost-effective solutions to global business issues, thereby enhancing global business and cross-cultural practices
See an overview of IBCP in action

Overall Process

The projects are offered once a year, beginning in early March, with recommendations delivered by the beginning of July.

Project applications for each year are accepted beginning in September of the previous year. Please contact us for details of the application process.

Each project is assigned a cross-cultural team of 4-5 experienced global managers. The team will work closely with the client throughout the period. Each team will travel to the country of interest for a period of two weeks (usually in early- to mid-May) to conduct extensive in-depth interviews with local experts, customers, suppliers and others, as needed.


Our experience is that explicit teaching of good management consulting practices enables our IBEAR MBA graduates to become not only outstanding consultants themselves, but also smart consumers of consulting services in their future careers.

Our project results get routinely adopted by our clients, becoming part of their global strategic positioning and execution. From market entry strategies and plans, to new product introductions, acquisitions or supply-chain restructuring, our clients have successfully incorporated and executed our recommendations all over the globe.

Representative IBCP Clients

Working with a cross section of global Fortune 500 companies, medium and smaller size organizations, IBEAR MBA Program has successfully delivered over 350 consulting projects since its inception. We enjoy a strong repeat business record with our clients. Listed below are examples of some of the companies we have worked with.

Avery Dennison
Banco Itau
Boeing Corporation
BP/am pm
Cedars Sinai
Dongkuk Steel
Fuji TV
GE Prolec
Hewlett Packard
Ito En
Kaiser Permanente
LG Electronics
LG Fashion

Lockheed Martin
Microsoft Corporation
Office Depot
Panasonic Avionics
Sony Corporation
Sony Pictures Entertainment
U.S. Dept. of the Interior
Virgin America
The Walt Disney Company