The IBEAR MBA curriculum provides an immersive, experiential-learning based framework that gives students an opportunity to develop the knowledge, tools, and business networks that will help you become a global business leader. The Program’s dual focus on curricular and co-curricular learning provides IBEAR MBA students with the catalytic career boost they are seeking.

Program Structure

In order to graduate,  IBEAR MBA students take 56 units spread over 12 months starting in June. (In the Two-Year MBA, students take 62 units over 20 months). Your 56 units are comprised of 17 units of required (non-waivable), 21 units of functional Core (you may waive out of a core course and substitute it with an elective), and 18 units of Elective courses. Working off of this model, you can customize an IBEAR MBA program that best suits your needs. This includes pursuing our STEM-track, International Management Science MBA.

This intensive double-time program begins in late June 2023 and ends in late June 2024. It begins with a required two-week transition program to assist international and domestic participants to recognize the  strategic importance of communications and interpersonal effectiveness. These weeks include communications skill-building and team-building exercises, and activities for the participants to get to know each other and to better understand the cultural differences among the classmates.

Required Courses

       * maximum 1.5 units applicable to this degree


Complete a selection of graduate business elective courses (500-level ACCT, BAEP, BUCO, DSO, FBE, GSBA, MKT or MOR courses) sufficient to bring the total units completed to at least 56.

Get the flexibility and choice you need to pursue the career of your choice! The curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the needs of mid-career professionals who would like the option to pursue a specialization that will advance the career outcomes they are seeking, while retaining the unique cohort experience of the IBEAR MBA Program. Whether a student is looking to make a career change or wanting to advance in their industry, the IBEAR MBA curriculum will help them create their own unique experience.

  • 12-Month Classic With Flexibility - This is designed for individuals with an engineering or science background.  It is designed for someone who may want to transition into a business career in the future.
  • 12-Month With Additional Personalization – This options allows for maximum flexibility, and is  designed for students looking to create a specialization in an area of their choice. In addition to the 18 units of electives, you may waive up to 21 units of core classes and substitute these with elective courses of your choice from a basket of 100+ electives offered by the Marshall School of Business, or choose from electives in other USC graduate schools as long as these are offered to Marshall School of Business students.

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International Management Science (STEM) IBEAR MBA Program

IBEAR MBA students have the opportunity to pursue the STEM track, International Management Science (STEM) MBA Program. Click here for requirements you must demonstrate in order to qualify to pursue IBEAR’s STEM offering.

International Business Consulting Project

The Capstone Course of the IBEAR MBA Program is its 3-unit International Business Consulting Project (IBCP) which are done in Terms 4 & 5. IBCP is a unique hands-on learning experience, which is based on a 4-month business consulting engagement. Teams of IBEAR MBA students work with their IBCP clients to build strategies and develop solutions for one their client’s key business issues.

Students may travel within the U.S. or internationally to interview experts and potential clients of IBCP sponsors. Each project requires deep analysis which is grounded in field research. The idea is to impart practical learning of executive decision making skills in a real-world business environment.

IBCP clients include Fortune 1000 companies, small and medium sized firms and startups. IBEAR MBA students have executed 350 IBCP projects on topics such as market entry, market growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain management, finance, etc. in the U.S., Asia, Latin America and Europe. Each student team is guided by a faculty practitioner with global consulting experience.

Certificate Programs

IBEAR MBA students also have the option to add certificate programs in numerous areas of specialization such as Business Analytics, Financial Analysis & Valuation and Supply Chain Management. Click here for a complete list of available certificate programs.