Connect with a Student Ambassador

MBA Ambassadors - Class of 2022

Ambassadors are current MBA students selected to represent Marshall and be a resource for future students. They are here to help applicants learn more about Marshall MBA programs, answer questions about the student experience, and much more. 

We encourage applicants to contact our ambassadors as it is one of the best ways to learn about USC Marshall! Click on any of the links below to view their profile and contact information.

Xuying (Sandy) Chen

Previous Industry & Function: Music industry, marketing & business development
Intended Industry & Function: Music industry, marketing & business development
Hometown: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Joseph Costa

Previous Industry & Function: Management Consulting - Financial Services
Intended Industry & Function: Entertainment - Music / Live Entertainment
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Cristopher Cuevas

Previous Industry & Function: Private Wealth Management & Real Estate
Intended Industry & Function: Investment Banking
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Julia Durham Goehring

Previous Industry & Function: Non-Profit / Education
Intended Industry & Function: Brand Management & Business Development
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Dana Greene

Previous Industry & Function: Hospitality Real Estate, Acquisitions / Asset Management
Intended Industry & Function: CPG or Sports, Marketing
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Angela Hubert

Previous Industry & Function: Technology (Software Engineer) & Marketing (Client Servicing Executive)
Intended Industry & Function: Consulting - Consultant
Hometown: Chennai, TN, India

Daniel Loewy

Previous Industry & Function: Supply Chain/Logistics -- Business Development
Intended Industry & Function: Tech -- Operations / Strategy / PM
Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI

Sahara Martinez

Previous Industry & Function: Healthcare, Sales & Account Management
Intended Industry & Function: Healthcare/Digital Health, Marketing
Hometown: Oxnard, CA

Alexis (Lexi) Mohr

Previous Industry & Function: Hospitality, CPG- Corporate Finance and Strategy
Intended Industry & Function: Sports and Entertainment, CPG, Tech- Strategy, Consulting, Finance
Hometown: Los Angeles

Hector Morales

Previous Industry & Function: IT/tech - Services Delivery Manager
Intended Industry & Function: Tech - Strategy/Operations
Hometown: Basalt, CO

Brandon Nyswaner

Previous Industry & Function: Higher Education - Admissions
Intended Industry & Function: Marketing. Brand Management
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Alexandra (Allie) Peris

Previous Industry & Function: Human Resources; E-commerce and Media & Advertising
Intended Industry & Function: Strategic HR; CPG, Technology
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Erin Pindus

Previous Industry & Function: Consulting/Digital Strategy, Technology
Intended Industry & Function: Marketing/Brand, Entertainment or Tech
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Shikha Prabhu

Previous Industry & Function: Apparel and Lifestyle, Channel sales planning
Intended Industry & Function: Consumer Goods, Brand Management
Hometown: Mumbai, India; Seattle,WA

Cecilia Sanchez

Previous Industry & Function: Consulting
Intended Industry & Function: Impact Investing
Hometown: Dalton, GA

Ashley Vu

Previous Industry & Function: Accounting
Intended Industry & Function: Technology, Product Marketing, Consulting
Hometown: Irvine, CA

Edward Wang

Previous Industry & Function: Consulting Engineering - Power & Utilities
Intended Industry & Function: Investment Banking - MBA Associate
Hometown: Houston, TX

Banner White

Previous Industry & Function: Media/Entertainment - Talent Representation, Business Affairs
Intended Industry & Function: Media/Entertainment/Tech - Corporate Strategy
Hometown: Keller, Texas

Jimmy Zhang

Previous Industry & Function: Consulting
Intended Industry & Function: Technology/Healthcare Strategy
Hometown: Guilin, China

MBA Ambassadors - Class of 2021

Aria Aaron

Previous Industry: Consumer Products, Marketing/Brand Management
Intended Industry: Entertainment, Marketing
Hometown: Nashville, TN, USA

Nicholas Bassi

Previous Industry: Metals & Mining, Chemical Engineer
Intended Industry: Financial Services, Investment Banking
Hometown: Mesa, AZ, USA

Gilbert Dueñas

Previous Industry: Technology, Information Systems
Intended Industry: Technology, Product Management
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Roger Ferguson

Previous Industry: Advertising/Marketing
Intended Industry: Finance, Private Wealth Managment or CPG, Brand Management
Hometown: Washington, D.C., USA

Camilla Franco Mattos

Previous Industry: Oil & Gas, Project Manager
Intended Industry: Technology, Product Manager
Hometown: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Lee Hamburger

Previous Industry: Real Estate Development & Construction, Project Management
Intended Industry: Consulting
Hometown: Queens, NY, USA

Peter Kasper

Previous Industry: Chemical/Plumbing, Finance
Intended Industry: Cannabis/Video Games, Finance
Hometown: Washington, D.C., USA

Maxine Lau

Previous Industry: Technology
Intended Industry: Technology/Consulting
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Sumin (Lindsey) Lee

Previous Industry: Banking, export and import
Intended Industry: Food and Beverage, Marketing
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Charlie Lex

Previous Industry: Consulting, Senior Consultant
Intended Industry: Sports, Marketing Strategist
Hometown: Vienna, VA, USA

Sandra Luo

Previous Industry: Insurance, Data Analytics
Intended Industry: Consulting, Human Capital
Hometown: Pleasanton, CA, USA

Eric Ossola

Previous Industry: Finance
Intended Industry: Finance
Hometown: Washington, D.C., USA

Lawrence Rolle

Previous Industry: Healthcare
Intended Industry: Healthcare/Leadership
Hometown: Atlanta, GA, USA

Antonio Sanchez

Previous Industry: Entertainment, TV Distribution
Intended Industry: Consulting
Hometown: Greenwich, CT, USA

Robert Urban

Previous Industry: Healthcare, Pharmacist
Intended Industry: Consulting, Strategy
Hometown: Southbury, CT, USA

Josh Wolonick

Previous Industry: Private Equity Fundraising, Analyst / Digital Media, Journalist / Entertainment, Actor
Intended Industry: Entertainment, Finance
Hometown: Pinehurst, NC, USA

Brandon (Jingyang) Xu

Previous Industry: Banking & Capital Markets, Prime Brokerage Regulatory
Intended Industry: Finance, Investment Banking
Hometown: Nanjing, China