Student Ambassadors

Your Guides to the Marshall Experience


Click here to meet our new 2019 - 2020 MBA Ambassadors 

Ruben Arredondo

Previous Industry: Consumer Packaged Foods
Intended Industry: Technology
Hometown: Los Angeles

Cheng (Xenia) Atkeisson

Intended Industry: Retail

Donald Bayley

Previous Industry: Healthcare
Intended Industry: Healthcare
Hometown: Orange County, CA

Clarysse Blanchard

Previous Industry: Energy
Intended Industry: Consulting
Hometown: Western Europe

Casey Brown

Intended Industry: Hospitality

George Dai

Previous Industry: Supply Chain Management
Intended Industry: Consulting
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Catherine Dávila

Previous Industry: Sports Entertainment
Intended Industry: Sports Entertainment
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Jimmy Gomez

Previous Industry: Transportation
Intended Industry: Gaming
Hometown: Chicago

Jasmine Hagans

Intended Industry: Technology
Hometown: Chicago