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At the USC Marshall School of Business, diversity, first and foremost, is about diversity of ideas. We believe the ability to arrive at solutions to business problems is directly related to having access to the greatest range of ideas, opinions and experiences. Our diverse student body offers unlimited opportunities for intellectual exchange, practical experience, and professional networking.


Fall 2020 Entering Class



Class Size


Average Age


Average Years of
Work Experience


Countries of




Historically Underrepresented
Students of Color*


Advanced Degree

*Consists of domestic students (as percentage of domestic pool) who identify as one or more of the following groups: African-American or Black; Hispanic-American or Latinx; American Indian or Alaska Native; or Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 



A pie chart displaying the undergraduate majors of Fall 2019 entering class: 36% with Business degree, 23% with Social Science degree, 15% with Engineering degree, 8% with Economics degree, 7% with Science degree, 6% with Humanities degree, and 5% with other degrees.

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A pie chart displaying industries the Fall 2020 entering class are from: 21% in Industries Technology, 17% in Healthcare/Pharma, 13% Media/Entertainment, 7% in Retail, 6% in Financial Services, 6% in Government, 6% in Manufacturing, 6% in Non-profit, 4% in Consulting, 4% in Energy, 4% in Other, 3% in Hospitality, 3% in Real Estate, and 3% in other industries.

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