The coursework goes beyond traditional accounting and audit principles to include D&A technologies and methodologies used in today's highly complex, data-centric client-service environment. Students will gain advanced skills through a combination of classroom and hands-on learning, utilizing advanced tools and complex data sets.  The program will include the following topics:

  • Auditing in a Complex IT Environment
  • Systems for Data Analytics
  • Statistical Computing & Data Visualization
  • Audit Internship in a D&A Environment
  • The Future of D&A - Innovation Lab
  • User-Oriented Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Reporting Fraud Detection and Analysis
  • Data Warehousing
  • Accounting Research, Analysis and Communication

 “The audit profession and every industry that we encounter is rapidly progressing in utilizing data to make better business decisions, to identify and correct problems, and to generally chart stronger and more fact-based directions than ever before. This program enables students to obtain a working knowledge of how to analyze the vast arrays of data that exist within a company and its economic environment.”

– Professor John Owens, Academic Director of MAcc D+A