Experiential Learning Center

Who We Are

Our Mission

The Experiential Learning Center is a bridge between theory and practice in preparing Marshall Students for their careers


Established in 1967, the ELC facilities located at the Jill and Frank Fertitta Hall and at the Jane and Christopher Popovich Hall serve the educational needs of the Marshall Undergraduate and Graduate Students, respectively.  

The ELC provides Marshall Students with opportunities to practice their interpersonal and management skills. This innovative approach unique among business schools, results in more effective learning outcomes that better prepares them for their careers as managers and business professionals.

ELC houses an extensive library of experiential activities that are used to simulate real-life business situations. These exercises cover a wide range of business concepts that include: leadership, teamwork, communication, negotiation, and decision-making.



Students observe themselves in action

About ELC

No student-- undergraduate, graduate or executive--graduates from Marshall without exposure to the Experiential Learning Center.
Student hours
Spent at the two centers annually
Business Courses
use the two centers every year, that translates into hundreds of classes
Fully equipped individual capture studios
comprise the two Experiential Learning Centers at Marshall