Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Business

Business is increasingly involved in social and environmental issues. On the one hand, government and civil society are exerting increasing pressure on the business sector to help address the world’s pressing social and environmental sustainability challenges, and on the other, a growing number of businesses are seeking to respond proactively to these challenges. To equip students to play effective leadership roles in this expanding arena, we offer the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Business.

The certificate prepares students to help shape solutions to social and environmental sustainability challenges, both from within and from outside the business sector.

The program was designed with several audiences in mind:

  • current Marshall graduate students already strong on the business side,
  • current graduate students from other USC programs who may have strength on the sustainability side, but want more strength on the business side, and
  • alumni and individuals who have never enrolled at USC who are eager to deepen their understanding of the field.

The certificate may be completed on either a full-time or part-time basis. Most courses applicable to the program are offered during both daytime and evening hours. Applicants may apply for admission to begin the program in the fall or spring semesters as well as in the summer, depending on course availability.

For more information, write to or call (213) 740-3198.