Qingyuan Yue

Dean’s Associate Professor in Business Administration & Associate Professor of Management, Organization, and Sociology
Room / Office

PhD, Columbia University; MA, Peking University; BA, Renmin University

Qingyuan (Lori) Yue has published research papers on how businesses mobilize collective action and how they strategically interact with social movement challenges. Her recent research investigates the economic and social issues in the digital transformation of the economy and in emerging markets. Lori is an associate editor of Management Science, a former consulting editor of the American Journal of Sociology, and a former chair of the Organizational Management Theory Research Committee of the Academy of Management. Lori has also received awards for her teaching.
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Qingyuan Yue, Jue Wang, Botao Yang () "Contesting Commercialization: Political Influence, Responsive Authoritarianism, and Cultural Resistance ,"  Administrative Science Quarterly  64, 435-465.
Qingyuan Yue () "Lessons from the National Banking Era Financial Crises in the U.S. ,"  Tsinghua Financial Review  47, 105-109.
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