Erin Frey

Assistant Professor of Management and Organization
Room / Office
HOH 505

Harvard University (PhD), Harvard College (BA)

Erin Frey is an Assistant Professor in the Management and Organization Department at the Marshall School of Business at USC. She studies leadership following crises, scandals, and failures in organizations. Using a a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods, she examines how organizations and leaders respond to challenging situations and how they can give employees second chances. Her research has been published in outlets like Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, and Social Psychological and Personality Science.
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Erin Frey () ""I Go Here...But I Don't Necessarily Belong": The Process of Transgressor Reintegration in Organizations ,"  Academy of Management Journal  65, 119-157.
Erin Frey, Ethan Bernstein, Nicholas Rekenthaler () "Scarlet Letters: Rehabilitation Through Transgression Transparency and Personal Narrative Control ,"  Administrative Science Quarterly.
Erin Frey, Gabrielle Adams, Jeffery Pfeffer, Peter Belmi () "What We (Do Not) Know About Punishment Across Organizational Boundaries ,"  Journal of Management.
Erin Frey, Gabrielle Adams, Evan Bruno, James Detert () "“Braking” bad: How managers can respond to employee misbehavior ,"  Behavioral Science & Policy  forthcoming.
Jon Jachimowicz, Erin Frey, Sandra Matz, Bertus Jeronimus, Adam Galinsky () "The sharp spikes of poverty: Financial scarcity is related to higher levels of distress intensity in daily life ,"  Social Psychological and Personality Science.
Erin Frey, Todd Rogers () "Persistence: How Treatment Effects Persist After Interventions Stop ,"  Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences  1, 172-179.