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Grace Lau

  • Leventhal Ambassador

Why did you choose Leventhal?

In my eyes, the community of Leventhal is unmatched at other universities. Few other schools have a dedicated department/school just for accounting. That speaks for how devoted USC is to having a space for individuals in this career field to grow personally and professionally with dedicated academic programs, resources, and faculty.

What is your favorite part about being at USC?

My favorite part about being at USC is the beautiful and lively campus. The greenery, new buildings, and bustling events going on everyday are always a refreshing sight to see!

How is Leventhal helping you accomplish your goals?

Leventhal has been instrumental in helping me navigate the job recruitment process through hosted events, career services, professional workshops, 1:1 sessions, and more. The Leventhal team is filled with great faculty who are always willing to do what they can to ensure everyone is supported in the program.

What is your best advice to prospective students?

Be very curious and ask lots of questions! Throughout your graduate school recruitment process, spend lots of time exploring the program/school you are interested in whether it is through virtual information sessions, reaching out to alumni, or even visiting campus. One year in this program can open many opportunities, so do plenty of research to ensure that this decision is one you can feel most confident in pursuing and excited about.

Grace Lau